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'Advanced Hearing Support Formula'

What sets Clarisil Pro apart is its use of 100% pure ingredients sourced from the Navajo community in Arizona, where traditional medicinal practices hold great value. By incorporating these traditional remedies, Clarisil Pro has created a formula that can help reverse your hearing problem in a safe and natural way.

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What is Clarisil Pro?

Hearing loss is a widespread issue that affects millions of Americans each day, impacting their ability to connect with the world around them. With statistics showing that one out of every eight people over age 12 struggles with hearing loss, it's clear that this is an issue that requires attention and care. 

Clarisil Pro is a innovative hearing loss counteractive formula is unlike anything else on the market. What sets it apart is its all-natural ingredients, which are derived from powerful herbs and plant extracts that have been used by the Navajo tribes for centuries.

The precision and potency of these ingredients make them ideal for improving hearing, and the extra-pure formulation ensures that you're getting the very best quality. 

Prostadine is a prostate support liquid complex. According to the manufacturer, the intake of a full dropper daily supports prostate health in several ways. The dietary formula has concentrates of herbal extracts, iodine antioxidants, and other potent ingredients proven to support prostate health.

The Navajo culture has always been known for their expertise in natural remedies. The plants and herbs that are sourced from this community have endless benefits, with one of them being a remedy for hearing loss. 

Clarisil Pro has unlocked the power of these natural remedies in a safe and effective formula. FDA-approved with GMP guidelines, this formula contains everything you need to support your ear health without breaking the bank for an expensive cochlear implant.

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How Clarisil Pro Works?

A crucial component of this system is the hair cells, the tiny but mighty cells that magnify sound waves and transmit auditory information to our brains. Unfortunately, these cells are also incredibly fragile and can be easily damaged, leading to hearing loss. And as we age, we tend to lose even more of these irreplaceable cells, making it more likely that hearing problems will develop. 

Hearing loss is a common issue that affects millions around the world, and the Clarisil Pro capsules offer a solution to this problem. These capsules contain a full dosage of ingredients and Navajo therapy, which help speed up the restoration of hearing loss.

The unique blend of natural ingredients in the Clarisil Pro capsules not only boost your hearing health but also improve your overall well-being. With regular use of these capsules, you can experience an improvement in your ability to hear sounds more clearly and effectively.

The Navajo therapy used in the Clarisil Pro capsules is a traditional method that has been used for centuries to treat various health issues, including hearing loss. 

For many people, hearing loss can be a frustrating and isolating experience. However, recent research has shown promising results in using a unique molecule called MHY1485 to target the inner ear and reverse the effects of hearing loss.

This molecule essentially reprograms every hair cell, allowing them to repair and regenerate themselves by activating a protein in the body. As a result, individuals who undergo this treatment can experience a significant improvement in their ability to hear and engage with the world around them.

The potential benefits of this innovative formula offer a glimmer of hope for those who might otherwise feel like their hearing will never be restored.

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WARNING: Stock levels of Clarisil Pro™ are limited accept your reserved bottles NOW before your discount expires.

Clarisil Pro Ingredients

Griffonia Simplicifolia

Clarisil Pro is a formula designed to support ear health, and one of its ingredients is Griffonia Simplicifoli.This powerful compound originates from Western Africa and has numerous benefits beyond ear health. Griffonia has been shown to relieve anxiety, depression, and insomnia while promoting weight loss and headache relief. But what's even more impressive is that it can help restore hair cells, making it a game-changer in the fight against hearing loss.

Mucuna Pruriens

Mucuna Pruriens have long been revered for their medicinal properties in traditional medicine. These plants, which are known for their high L-dopa levels, are believed to aid in optimal mental performance and the production of dopamine. Additionally, Mucuna Pruriens have been claimed to relieve stress and promote cognitive focus. Not only do they support brain function, but they may also have a role in restoring hair growth and improving ear performance. With their versatile benefits, it's no wonder why these plants have stood the test of time in folk medicine.


By incorporating L-theanine into your daily routine, you may notice a remarkable difference. Perhaps most notably, this powerful compound has been linked to crystal-clear hearing, as it activates the protein responsible for hair cell regrowth. By regularly incorporating L-theanine, you can boost your cognitive performance and reduce your risk of cancer and tumors. Not only that, but L-theanine also has outstanding stress-relieving properties due to its ability to generate neurotransmitters.


The extracts from the plant are particularly useful for aiding with vascular and heart issues. Hawthorn extract has been shown to normalize heart rhythm, support blood flow, and ensure smooth delivery of oxygen to the body's vital organs and tissues. In addition to its cardiovascular benefits, hawthorn is said to possess impressive properties such as being a diuretic, antibacterial, antioxidant, and sedative, making it an all-around superstar in the world of natural healing. 


Skullcap contains flavonoids, such as baicalin, which exhibit antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. These properties can help protect against oxidative stress and inflammation in the body, including the auditory system. Additionally, skullcap's calming effects can aid in reducing stress and anxiety, which are factors that can impact hearing health. By promoting relaxation and reducing stress levels, skullcap may indirectly contribute to maintaining healthy hearing.


Rhodiola, also known as Rhodiola rosea, is an adaptogenic herb that has been traditionally used for its potential benefits in promoting physical and mental well-being. Rhodiola is known for its adaptogenic properties, which help the body cope with stress and promote balance. Excessive stress can negatively impact hearing health, and Rhodiola's ability to reduce stress levels may have a positive effect on auditory function.


Ashwagandha is known for its adaptogenic properties, which means it helps the body adapt to stress and promotes overall balance. Excessive stress can impact hearing health, and Ashwagandha's ability to reduce stress levels may have a positive effect on auditory function. Furthermore, Ashwagandha exhibits antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which can help protect against cellular damage and reduce inflammation in the body, including the auditory system.


Chamomile contains compounds such as chamazulene and flavonoids that possess anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. These properties may help reduce inflammation and oxidative stress in the body, which can have a positive impact on the auditory system. Additionally, chamomile's relaxing effects can help alleviate stress and anxiety, which are factors that can contribute to hearing difficulties. By promoting relaxation and reducing stress levels, chamomile may indirectly support healthy hearing.


Excessive stress and anxiety can negatively impact hearing function, and passion flower's ability to promote relaxation may help alleviate these factors. Passion flower contains flavonoids and alkaloids that interact with the neurotransmitters in the brain, promoting a sense of calmness and reducing anxiety. By reducing stress levels, passion flower may indirectly contribute to the maintenance of healthy hearing.

Lemon Balm

Lemon balm contains compounds like rosmarinic acid and flavonoids that possess antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. These properties help protect cells from damage caused by oxidative stress and inflammation, which can be detrimental to the auditory system. Additionally, lemon balm is known for its calming and soothing effects, which can help alleviate stress and anxiety.

Oat Straw

Oat straw, also known as Avena sativa, is an herbal remedy that has been traditionally used for its various health benefits. While it is not directly linked to hearing health, oat straw can indirectly support overall well-being, which may have positive effects on the auditory system. Oat straw is rich in nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, which play a vital role in maintaining healthy bodily functions. By nourishing the body and promoting overall health, oat straw can contribute to optimal functioning of the auditory system.

St John’s Wart

St. John's Wort, a herbal supplement derived from the plant Hypericum perforatum, is primarily known for its potential benefits in mental health and mood disorders. However, recent studies have also suggested that it may have positive effects on hearing health. St. John's Wort contains compounds such as hypericin and hyperforin, which possess anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. These properties are believed to help reduce oxidative stress and inflammation in the auditory system, which could be beneficial for maintaining healthy hearing.

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Clarisil Pro Benefits

Reverse Hearing Loss:

Hearing loss can be a debilitating condition that affects one's quality of life. However, there is hope with the introduction of Clarisil Pro. This powerful supplement is made up of natural ingredients that have been carefully chosen for their abilities to improve auditory function, support healthy hair cells, and protect the ears against oxidative stress that can lead to hearing damage. Mucuna Pruriens, Griffonia Simplicifolia, L-Theanine, and Hawthorn work harmoniously to restore your ability to hear and enjoy the world around you. Imagine being able to fully engage in conversations and appreciate the sounds of nature once again.

Regrow and Regenerate Hair Cells: 

If you're experiencing hearing loss or hair loss, Clarisil Pro could be the solution you've been searching for. This dynamic supplement is packed with natural ingredients that work in harmony to regrow and generate hair cells, while also enhancing auditory function and shielding against oxidative stress. The inclusion of Mucuna Pruriens, Griffonia Simplicifolia, L-Theanine, and Hawthorn in Clarisil Pro ensures a powerful blend of herbal extracts and essential nutrients, all aimed at safeguarding your hearing and supporting healthy hair from within. 

Restore Hearing: 

Living with hearing loss can be challenging and frustrating, affecting your social interactions, daily activities, and mental health. Fortunately, there is a natural solution that can help restore your hearing and improve your quality of life. Introducing Clarisil Pro, a powerful supplement that contains natural ingredients like Mucuna Pruriens, Griffonia Simplicifolia, L-Theanine, and Hawthorn. These ingredients work together to enhance auditory function, support healthy hair cells, and protect against oxidative stress that damages your hearing. With Clarisil Pro, you can regain your hearing and enjoy the sounds of life once again!

Prepared Under High-Standard Facilities: 

When it comes to our health, we want the best of the best. That's why it's important to choose a product that is prepared under high-standard facilities. Clarisil Pro, a supplement designed to support hearing health, is made with this in mind. Produced in the USA, it is manufactured with top-of-the-line facilities and stringent quality control measures to ensure that customers receive a safe and effective product. 

Natural Ingredients:

As we age, our hearing can begin to decline, causing frustration and annoyance. While there are many options on the market to help improve hearing health, not all of them provide natural solutions. Enter Clarisil Pro, a supplement that utilizes all-natural ingredients to boost auditory function. The use of plant extracts in this supplement has been carefully calculated by experts to ensure that users don't experience any adverse side effects or complications from prolonged use. For those seeking a safe alternative to traditional hearing aids, Clarisil Pro offers a natural and effective solution.

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60 - Days Money Back Guarantee
Use Clarisil Pro™ Supplement as directed for 60 days. And if you aren’t a believer, simply return the bottle even if it’s empty – and we’ll give you a complete refund. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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WARNING: Stock levels of Clarisil Pro™ are limited accept your reserved bottles NOW before your discount expires.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Hearing loss affects millions of individuals worldwide, often leading to a decreased quality of life. If you are someone who has been struggling with hearing loss, you might be looking for alternative remedies that can help you improve your hearing without being too reliant on traditional pharmaceuticals. Thankfully, this is where the Navajo recipe steps in. With an innovative blend of 29 different ingredients, this formula presents a potent solution for hearing restoration. What's more, an independent research laboratory has verified the efficacy of this remedy, proving that its potency is nearly five times stronger than the original. So if you are looking to enhance your hearing without funding the pharmaceutical industry, this is one of the best remedies to consider.

So far, no adverse effects have been found and/or reported. In some cases, Clarisil Pro can cause allergic reactions to the potent components. Therefore, you need to check the full list of ingredients in advance.

Each person is different and will experience results from taking this supplement for an additional amount of time. Some people have seen results in as little as few days, and others have seen results as long as a month.

If the user is not completely happy, they can get a refund with the 60-day money-back guarantee from the date of purchase and are asked to send the order back to the company.

To get reach the customer service team, send an email to:

Email: support@clarisilpro.us
Product Return Address: 19655 E. 35th Dr. #100, Aurora, CO 80011

Orders are processed and shipped within 2-3 days and should arrive in 5-7 days if you’re in the US or 10-12 days if you’re outside the US, depending on customs.

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